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About Company

Padideh Shimi Nili (know known as Padideh shimi jam) was establishe on 2000 with investment of Golrang Industrial Group With the aim of producing raw materials for detergents And relying on their own abilities in the fields of science, technology, sales and outstanding management capabilities, booming day by day in the field and by creating new products and quality, today could be one of the pillars of detergent.

Padideh Shimi jam became the Largest producer of raw materials for detergents and cosmetic industry in the Middle East petrochemical and textile industries have made in the industry. Our conviction that "Iran could" with the aim of providing the health needs of the country and the region, we emphasize the following values:

  • Production of quality products and qualified consumers and promote Iranian products in the region
  • Innovate and create new products to keep pace with scientific development and the need for consumers
  • In line with the country's efforts to reduce dependence on foreign policy

Company History

Padideh Shimi Jam As a subsidiary of Golrang industrial group has been stablished in 2013 on ESHTEHARD Industrial Town, but this Company was working many years as Padideh Shimi Nili and In order to further develop qualitative and quantitative customer-oriented products and meet the needs of customers and the principle has been established.

Main Activities

Consulting, monitoring, research, planning and implementation in various fields ranging from manufacturing detergents :

  • Produce more than 15 types of surfactants used in detergents

  • Offer new products according to market needs

  • Sell Engineering Services

Statement of Mission and Vision


Enter the list of top 500 companies in 2025 based on:

  • World wide Well known Brands
  • Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and providing differentiated products and services with best quality and best price to become the most admired companies in Iran


Provide products and services with quality and superior value by relying on employees motivated and innovation that improves the lives of international and promoting the welfare of staff to the extent that all our steady growth, the market leader, trusted brands and a commitment to ethical values and social responsibility to know.

we as a reputable company, Astqbalknndh of change and development, agile, dynamic, entrepreneurial and social rights recognized self-esteem and pride themselves aware of the long road and residual heavy responsibilities.

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Contact Info

Main office: 1th floor, No 1, Payvand St, Nezami Ganjavi St, Tavanir . Tehran . Iran

Zip Code: 1516953611

Phone: +98 21 88197784

email: sales@padidehshimijam.com


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